The Association

The New York State Association of Teacher Educators (NYSATE) is a professional association representing individual teacher educators in higher education institutions and public schools in New York State. It is also the state-affiliate of the national professional association, the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE).

Validity of Membership and Dues

Membership is on annual basis and valid from July 1 through June 30.

Regular membership dues:
1 Year - $35
2 Years - $65.00
3 Years - $100.00
Lifetime - $500.00
Retired membership dues – $10
Student membership dues – $10

Benefits of Membership

• Attendance at the spring and fall conferences of the association held annually
•Access to information and policy decisions as they are happening in Albany
•Voice in policy matters that affect you, your institution, the profession and students.

How to Become a Member

To apply online, select your payment option and you will be taken to our online application form.

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