R. Neal Appleby Award

R. Neal Appleby Outstanding Teacher Educator Award

Neal Appleby was an educator of teachers for twenty years at Syracuse University, until his untimely death in 1993. He was a Renaissance man who loved people, ideas, activities, and teaching. He was concerned with all his students as persons, and he strove for their whole development. Neal was a happy, warm, friendly, caring person who took time to talk to people. Perhaps more importantly, Neal took time to listen.   His students spoke of him as a special kind of person who deeply loved teaching and who conveyed that love to all with whom he worked.

The R. Neal Appleby Outstanding Teacher Educator Award recognizes individuals who have worked to nurture the intellectual, personal, and professional growth and development of teachers at various stages of their professional lives. The selection criteria are based on the Standards for Teacher Educators published by the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE). These seven standards, along with suggested indicators and sources of evidence, are available on ATE’s website at www.ate1.org, and listed (in brief) on the nomination page.