Distinguished Program Award

Distinguished Program Award In Teacher Education

The Distinguished Program Award (DPA) in teacher education has been established to recognize and honor a specific “quality” identified from The New York State Regents’ Standards for Teacher Preparation. Institutions offering teacher education programs would address ONE of the following specific qualities:

I. Partnership with the liberal arts and sciences
II. Pre-service partnerships with the local school districts
III. Professional Development Partnerships
IV. Programs for Alternative Certification

Inherent to these “qualities” are the criteria recognized by the Association of Teacher Educators’ (ATE) award for the Distinguished Program in Teacher Education. The ATE criteria for program consideration are as follow:

  1. Have been cooperatively developed and administered by institutions of higher education and local education agencies along with other appropriate educational agencies;
  2. Have clearly stated goals directed at the establishment of identifiable teacher behaviors;
  3. Have an evaluation protocol that is appropriate, operational, and directly related to its goals;
  4. Provide data to demonstrate that after program implementation, goals were achieved; and
  5. Are based on theoretically sound principles that are adaptable to other teacher education programs.

A strong application for this award will include the following:

  1. A brief overview of the program’s development, design and demonstration of quality and/or innovation in teacher education (1 page/250 words)
  2. A summary of how each criteria is met and attachments of documents that provide a compelling body of evidence for each criteria.

Institutions achieving the Distinguished Program Award (DPA) will be honored by the NYSATE/NYACTE membership at the time of the annual fall conference. If considered appropriate, the Executive Boards of NYSATE/ NYACTE will nominate the program for the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) Distinguished Program in Teacher Education award in October of the same year.