Call for Proposals

Pedagogies of Change:
(Re)Envisioning Purposeful Teacher Education

2020 NYSATE/NYACTE Annual Fall Conference
Gideon Putnam Resort, Saratoga Springs, NY
October 14-16, 2020

The deadline for submitting proposals is April 1st, 2020.

Authors with proposals accepted for presentation will be notified by email beginning June 10th, 2020.

**Please note that all presenters must be paid registrants of the fall conference ten days prior to the conference for the presentation to appear in the program.*

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Teacher education, like preparation for many other professions, has always sought to shape and improve the various communities which it serves.   Yet, as teacher educators operating in an age where public discourse has become increasingly divisive, and at a time where inequitable opportunities related to race, class and gender only seem to be growing, many of us are discouraged by what appears to be the limited impact of our work.  The current political, social and cultural climate requires us to ask:  What is our “why” as teacher educators?  And how should we position ourselves and our work in these times of profound social discord and change? 

As we engage with issues of our time, do we see ourselves primarily as responding to conversations in progress, or do we seek to initiate and shape these conversations? Or are we innovators, as we seek to create critical new instructional practices to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse world?  Are our programs seeking to act as places of refuge,  where candidates and teachers from marginalized groups can grow and learn and thrive?   How do we see ourselves as advocates, campaigning for the structures and resources needed to truly make educational opportunities more equitable.

Whatever your answers are to the prompts above, we invite you to share your work in teacher education in these times of change.  Whatever your role is in teacher education, we invite you to join our collective conversations at the NYSATE/NYACTE 2020 Annual Fall Conference, as we explore how we define purposeful teacher education across New York State. 

We encourage proposals aligned with one or more of the following strands: 

Strand 1: Teacher Educators Responding to a Changing World
Suggested topics include:

  • Engaging P-20 partnerships in building responsive models of teacher preparation
  • Increasing the diversity of placements in which teacher candidates can engage
  • Maintaining commitments to equitable outcomes in challenging times
  • Responding to teacher shortages while maintaining teacher quality
  • Documenting the ongoing work and challenges of preparing and retaining teachers

Strand 2: Innovating Pedagogies for Challenging Times 
Suggested topics include:

  • Preparing teacher candidates to engage and support diverse learners with academic and social-emotional learning
  • Increasing the focus on culturally responsive/sustaining, asset-based pedagogies
  • Expanding meaningful school-based activities and experiences in teacher education
  • Using data to support more equitable outcomes and inclusive practices
  • Reshaping the teacher education curriculum to respond to community needs and new technologies
  • Integrating meaningful technologies in curriculum to meet 21st century needs

Strand 3: Building Supportive Communities across P-20 Educational Settings
Suggested topics include:

  • Recruiting, supporting and retaining diverse candidates, teachers and faculty
  • Working with schools and communities to support positive outcomes for all
  • Building coalitions of care within programs and across partners
  • Nurturing new teachers and new teacher education colleagues
  • Developing and expanding inclusive pedagogies that foster belonging in all educational settings

Strand 4:  Advocating for Educational Support and Equity
Suggested topics include:

  • Engaging in national and global conversations about education
  • Championing the need for increased campus and statewide programmatic supports
  • Building mechanisms for advocating and sharing  information among stakeholders
  • Implementing social justice pedagogies and practices
  • Using data and other media to illustrate student/candidate/teacher needs and advocate for change
Proposal Submission Information

Types of Proposals
Individual Paper Presentation: An individual paper presentation provides an opportunity to share research and/or practice focused on the conference theme. Please note that presenters can expect to be grouped with at least one other paper for Individual Paper sessions (45 minute sessions/20 minutes per paper).

Panel Presentation: A panel presentation allows multiple individuals (2-3) who have already linked their work to present together (45 minute session). Please note that presenters may only present as part of one panel presentation in order to ensure there is access to this format for as many different presenters as possible (45 minute session).

Roundtable Presentation: A roundtable offers opportunities to obtain insights and suggestions from colleagues in an informal, interactive format. Please note that the conference program will include Roundtable-only time slots in order to increase attendance at Roundtable sessions.  There will be two presenters at each roundtable (45 minute sessions/20 minutes per presentation).

Workshop: An interactive workshop provides an opportunity to exchange information or work on a common problem, project, or shared interest. Presentation is limited, and learning by doing occupies most of the session. Please note that presenters may only present as part of one workshop in order to ensure there is access to this format for as many different presenters as possible (45 minute session).

SPECIAL AV NOTE: Please note that all presenters must provide their own computers and projectors.  The conference planners can provide screens and a cart with cables.  The hotel rents AV equipment to individuals as well as to the organizations who plan the conference, though the cost of renting this equipment is high.

Proposal Format
Presenter Information must be entered on the proposal website SEPARATELY from the text of the proposal:

  1. Names of presenter(s);
  2. Name of school/college affiliation, preferred address, preferred telephone number, and e-mail address of each presenter;
  3. Presentation title;
  4. Format appropriate for the presentation (individual paper, panel, roundtable, workshop);
  5. Conference strand on which proposal is focused; and
  6. 50-word summary of the presentation suitable for inclusion in the conference program.

The Proposal text is to be uploaded as a Microsoft Word document. It must be an anonymous, clearly titled abstract of no more than 500 words for blind review that clearly communicates the content that will be shared, the relevance and/or research base for the content, how the audience will be engaged in the presentation, and an explanation of how the work connects to the conference theme AND at least one conference strand

**Please note that each proposal is reviewed by two individuals and is rated based on connection to the theme and strands of the conference and on the relevance and rigor of the work and research presented within the proposal.  In order to maximize the number of presenters at the conference,  a proposal may be assigned to a format different than the preference indicated in the proposal (i.e. a paper presentation may be switched to a roundtable presentation).  The assigned presentation format will be indicated in the acceptance letter.

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